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            考研英語閱讀??荚~匯:As 用法總結

            • 2021-12-03 16:37:16   來源:黑龍江文都教育   
            【As 用法總結】  as against (=in contrast with) 與……相對照。例如:1) She gets Saturdays off in her new job as
            【As 用法總結】

              as against (=in contrast with) 與……相對照。例如:1) She gets Saturdays off in her new job as against working alternate weekends in her last one. (她新找的這份工作星期六放假,而原來的那份工作周末是隔周放假。) 2) The business done this year amounts to $20,000 as against $ 15,000 last year.

              as of (=as from) 從……起。例如:1) You are in charge (負責) as of today. 2) The agreement starts as from March 13.

              as for至于。例如:1) As for me, I shall return there on arrival. 2) As for me, I'm in favor of the first view.

              as to關于;至于。例如:He asked my advice as to what to do next.

              as with與 ……一樣。例如:As with so many of the major problems of society, the precise extent and nature of the environmental crisis are not entirely clear.

              as regards至于。例如:There are no special rules as regards what clothes you should wear. (至于應該穿什么衣服沒有硬性規定。)

              as follows如下。例如:1) The reasons are as follows. 2) The report reads as follows.

              may(might , could) as well do sth. 不妨,最好(做某事)。例如:Since it is too late, we might as well go back home.

              as it were可以說,姑且這么說。例如:He is, as it were, a walking dictionary. (他,可以說,是一部活詞典。)

              as opposed to和 ……相反。例如:John likes rice, as opposed to Mary, who hates it.

              as yet到這時為止(還沒有):But none of these are as yet carefully thought-out plans.

              as soon as possible盡快地。例如:We should take steps as soon as possible.

              as a rule通常。例如:1) As a rule they sat together very quietly. 2) His writing as a rule is elegant.

              such … as to這樣 …… 以致。例如:I went about my job in such a way as to try to kill two birds with one stone.

              not so much …as與其說……,倒不如說…… :The trumpet player was certainly loud. But I wasn't bothered by his loudness so much as by his lack of talent. (這個吹號手的聲音確實很大,但我煩的與其說是他吹得太響,倒不如說是他缺乏天分。)

              such as例如:Studies show that the things that contribute most to a sense of happiness cannot be bought with money, such as a good family life, friendship and work satisfaction. (研究表明,那些最能使人產生幸福感的東西是不能用金錢買到的,如和睦的家庭生活、友誼和事業上的滿足感。)

              Just as … so …正如 …… 一樣,……也……。例如:Just as air is important to man, so is water to fish.

              as long as (=so long as)只要(引導條件從句):As long as he works hard, I don’t mind when he finishes the experiment.

              as though (=as if ) 似乎。例如:Christie stared angrily at her boss and turned away, as though to go out of the office.

              much as雖然。例如:Much as I admired David as a poet, I don't like him as a man. (雖然我仰慕作為詩人的大衛,但我不喜歡他的為人。)

              as…as引出比較狀語從句:Americans eat twice as much protein as they actually need every day. (美國人攝取的蛋白質是他們實際需要量的兩倍。)

              As is often the case事情常常是這樣:As is often the case, it happened so gradually that it was barely perceptible.

              as 雖然 (引導部分倒裝的讓步從句):Young as he is, he knows a lot. (他雖年輕,但很懂事。)

              as作關系代詞,引導定語從句,代表整個主句的意思:1)A good many proposals were raised by the delegates, as was to be expected . (正如所料,代表們提出了許多建議。) 2) As might be expected, the response to the question was mixed. (正如所料,人們對這個問題觀點不一。)

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